Thursday, 22 July 2010

If I had a book trailer....

If I had a trailer for Samael, this would be the soundtrack.....  It's Kitty Jay by Seth Lakeman and it's the music I had running through my head the whole time I was writing Samael. 
There is tons of music in the book but the lilting and then crazed fiddle is at its core.  It's not 'folky' folk music, I promise - and if you haven't heard Lakeman before, do check it out.
Gen hears a violin playing in the attic when she first comes to Borthwelm.  A strange, sad, yearning melody.  But, of course, when she gets up there, the playing stops.
The sound chases her in her dreams and becomes linked intrinsically with Samael. 

However Samael isn't the only one who can play a mean fiddle and, in a key scene in the book, he 'duels' with Zeke at Zeke's gig...playing the classic country song The Devil went down to Georgia 

But there's loads of other music too. Some is really well-known, like The Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers and the wonderful Marianne Faithfull.  Other tracks are maybe less familiar. 
I absolutely adore this - Deus ibi est (actually this version would make a pretty reasonable trailer too!).

Do you think YA books should come with a soundtrack? 
If you write, do you listen to music while you write? 
What are YOUR 'heart and soul' tracks?