Saturday, 7 July 2012

The soundtrack of Samael's soul

There is music in Samael, a whole lotta music. While I was writing it, and its sequel, certain tunes just grabbed me by the throat and wouldn't let go.
Let me share a few with you...

Zeke's band plays indie folk - much like Seth Lakeman. This song, in particular, thrummed its way through Samael

When Gen and Star are in the pub, just before Gen  meets Samael for the first time (in real life) this is playing on duke box.

There are a whole pile of good songs played at the gig but this is the one that Samael uses to challenge Zeke.
Suffice to say, they are a helluva lot better looking than these guys. :)

At Samael's cottage in the woods, he plays two songs.  The first is this...

And the second is this...

And then, when she is driving to the coast, feeling betrayed and bereft, this is what she's listening to.