Friday, 16 March 2012

Samael in images

When I wrote Samael, it played in front of my eyes, just as if I were watching a movie.  I could see each scene so clearly. I knew exactly what each character looked like, what they sounded like, what they smelled like.  And the same for the locations - each house, each field, each wood.  Part of the joy of reading a book is, to me, making one's own assocations; of putting one's own imagination to work.  And so I did wonder about making up a Pinterest board for Samael.
But, then again, I thought how much I'd love to see the inspiration behind some of my own favourite books.  Movies are never quite the same because so often the author is not part of the equation (though the Harry Potter series is an exception of course).
Anyhow, I have made the board (and also ones for the two sequels) so do take a look and tell me what you think.
In the meantime, a few of my favourite images...

This is how I imagine Tabitha...slowly emerging from ice, becoming more real as Gen moves towards her, away from her own mother...
Not quite Zeke, but not far off really...the body's there, and the tatts... Not too surprising that Gen feels a frisson, huh?
The sound of the violin echoes through Samael.  Both Samael and Zeke play exceedingly well - as they prove at their epic battle at the band's gig.
Something so poignant and macabre about this image.  All those lost children... dead childhood. Abandoned toys in Samael's chest. Who stole them?
So nearly Star.  Star's hair is usually neon pink - and she prefers Converse most of the time...but I'm sure she'd have a go at orange and DMs... And yeah, she really shouldn't smoke - it will wreck her skin and give her foul breath!
No picture of Samael?  Of course not. I know exactly how he looks.  But how you think he looks...well, I leave that to your imagination.  Some loves should never be pinned down and dissected too far. :-)