Friday, 26 November 2010

Tanit - the sequel starts

Well, I gave it a shot.  I started Tanit, the sequel to Samael, at the beginning of November to tie in with NaNoWriMo.  I really hoped I could get 50K words under my belt by the end of the month.  But it didn't pan out. 
I found that having to write to order in quite such a formulaic way just didn't suit me.  But it did give me a kickstart and the book is coming on pretty well. 
This time the focus moves to London.  Gen is back living at home with her dad and stepmum and trying to fit into school after the events of the summer.  She's feeling pretty low. 

Everyone around her seems to be doing great. Her mother and Vivienne are all loved up and have returned to Texas. Zeke has a record contract and is flying.  Star is living her deam as part of a strange alternative circus, The Circus of the Macabre. 
Meanwhile Gen has hit rock bottom.  She's lost her man, lost her mojo and now she may be losing her home.  To make matters worse, there's a creepy guy following her and some crazy idiots are trying to break into hell.  The dead are coming back to life and an ancient (and madly unhinged) goddess is regaining power.
Zeke reckons it's time to call in the cavalry but, oops, the archangels seem to be deserting their posts in droves.
This time it isn't just Shadowcombe in danger - it's a whole city.  While everyone else seems hell-bent on leaving the abyss, Gen has no choice.  She has to find Samael.  She has to find a way back in