Thursday, 14 July 2011

The 42 Assessors

Samael takes Gen onto the astral plane, up, up, up through the pathways, the keys, of the Tree of Life to the sephirah, or sphere, known as Geburah.   
Geburah is home to the Halls of Justice, where – after death – we are met by the Forty-Two Assessors.  These spiritual judges look deep in our eyes and question us, one after another, as to how we spent our time, this life-time, on Earth.  The questions are asked in quiet even voices and there is no possibility of lying; there is no wriggling out of it; no avoidance; no mitigating circumstances. 
We simply cannot lie.
The truth wells up from inside us.  We speak the truth, despite our fear.
Nobody is perfect. Nobody is totally pure.  But we can only hope.  

The Questions of the Forty-Two Assessors

1.       Hast though given due thought to the body inhabited by thee?
2.       Hast thou lived the fullness of time allotted to thee?
3.       Hast thou refrained from being unclean in body and mind?
4.       Has thou loved with the body, only where the heart is also?
5.       Hast thou had knowledge of those forbidden to thee?
6.       Hast thou kept thee only to the sword or the distaff?
7.       Hast thou respected the bodies of the younger brethren?
8.       Hast thou stolen?
9.       Hast thou taken food and drink to excess?
10.   Hast thou killed?
11.   Hast thou spoken unjustly in anger?
12.   Hast thou looked upon the goods of others in envy?
13.   Hast thou known jealousy?
14.   Hast thou spoken ill of any man or woman in anger?
15.   Hast though been undiligent in work?
16.   Hast thou profaned the mysteries?
17.   Hast thou known pride in thyself that is false?
18.   Hast thou strayed from the path allotted thee?
19.   Hast thou lusted for precious metals?
20.   Hast thou been too worldly?
21.   Hast thou been just in thy dealings in the market place?
22.   Hast thou replayed all debts promptly?
23.   Hast thou been generous to the needy?
24.   Hast thou lied to gain from others?
25.   Hast thy tongue been as a viper to cause laughter in others?
26.   Hast thou been a friend?
27.   Hast thou hated another to the exclusion of all else?
28.   Hast thou lent thy body to any from the other side?
29.   Hast thou been thy parents’ joy?
30.   Hast thou honoured all faiths that are of the Light?
31.   Hast thou given time to be at peace with the gods?
32.   Hast thou turned aside from wisdom given in love?
33.   Hast thou listened to that which is not for thy ears?
34.   Hast thou lived in the Light?
35.   Hast thou been a sword for the weak?
36.   Hast thou enslaved any other life?
37.   Hast thou faced the mirror of self?
38.   Hast thou taken the words of his mouth from any man as thy own?
39.   Hast thou known that all journeys end but to begin?
40.   Hast thou remembered all the brethren of the Earth, and been compassionate to those younger brethren who serve thee as beasts in the field and the home?
41.   Hast thou ever worked man or beast beyond its strength in thy greed?

We may feel rather small after this.  After all, who hasn’t gossiped?  Who hasn’t sniped or been mean or eavesdropped?  Who hasn’t fallen out with her parents, or told the odd lie?   
However there is one last question which may save our souls. 

The forty-second assessor asks this question:  Is there one upon the Earth who is glad thou hast lived?

It’s our get out of jail card.  Just maybe.

Footnote for maths geeks like Gen....think about Sedenions.... The Tibetan Book of the Dead has 58 angry demons and 42 happy Buddhas - hence 100 in all = 5 * 16 + 2*10 = 100 distinct units in the interlinked 5-fold "unit quaternion" ensemble. Soooo.....we have the 42 Assessors and then focus in on one of the seven isomorphic box-kites; then focus in further on the second box-kite which has its struts defined by upper vs. lower case letters, and the triple zigzag analog being the "all lowercase" sail..  Or not. :)


  1. I am so screwed then.....

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    I love this book!