Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I have to grasp my moment while everyone’s attention is elsewhere.  While the hubbub, the hullaballoo, rages, I can slip under the radar.  While the mob race around rejoicing, gloating, I can go deep undercover.  I can slip through the veils.

I have to perform the Rite.  Just as I always have/did/will do.  But first I must purify myself.
I slide away from the world.
I fast.
I meditate.
I pray.

I strip myself naked and scrub myself with salt.  I cleanse my body with water and anoint it with oils.
I make sacred the space.
I light the incense. 
I tone the sigils.
I trace the sigils.  On the floor.  In the air.  On my body. 

I summon Them.  To guard me as I work/worked/will work.

And They will come. They always came. They come.
They are here. 
And how terrible, how terrifying, how beautiful They are.

It starts…

From Tanit


  1. Samael, devious little rat, so that's where you've been hanging out all this time! I knew I should never have trusted you...